2 days of Fashion, Music and Lifestyle at the Westergas Amsterdam! Buy streetwear fashion from over 30 of the hottest local and international brands, exclusives and limited editions. More than 20 musical performances by your favourite artists. Meet industry leaders of the art, music, fashion and lifestyle industry in the Talks program. Experience the street sports program and see the latest in Art throughout the AMCAT festival. 

At our core, we are bringing together best breakthrough brands, as well as top established brands in fashion and lifestyle. At AMCAT you will have the unique chance to see, meet and buy from the very best of carefully curated brands.
Aesthetics are an essential thread in street culture. Everyone from contemporary artists, designers and architects find influence through street culture, and vice versa. AMCAT breathes this ethos, from our online artwork, to the signing on the festival itself, we will pay homage to where the culture is derived from.
Lifestyle trends are born on the field and carried out by the greatest athletes. Performance is an essential pillar of many established brands. Sport is where performance and lifestyle meet. AMCAT will merge these two worlds, by creating a street sport tournaments on site, when energy levels and skills are at their peak.
At AMCAT you will learn about the people that push great ideas forward. At AMCAT you will hear from top leaders from fashion, art, sports and music, who will share their inside knowledge, the stories behind creative success, the road it took to get there, and the ins and outs of reaching company goals.
Music will always be an essential theme in street culture. AMCAT will focus on R&B, hip-hop and the electronic music that has made an undeniable impact on brands and consumers over the last few decades. AMCAT will focus on local acts and the best breakthrough international artists.